My name is Ronald Bonner I have been in specialty fields of custom design most of my life in various types of business. I became intrigued by the field of upholstery when I purchased an abused 88 Master Craft Pro Star 190 and a 1986 Crest pontoon that was used for a construction barge. As you can imagine the pontoon was in pretty rough shape and the Master Craft was nicknamed the Disaster Craft, I found out after I got my great deal? I have always dreamed of having a nice boat to have fun with on the Lake. So when the reality of no new boat in my future set in is when I stumbled into this great deal for two very used boats. I was determined to restore both of these beauties to better than new condition. I met up with one of my girlfriends cleaning customers who had a great reputation in the upholstery industry Mel Fender. Mel was gracious enough to coach me on the restoration of my disaster craft. Wow what a tremendous amount of work! But at the end of the day what I was able to accomplish with Mel’s help was just overwhelming. The difference was huge, much bigger than I had originally expected. My friends and family were in disbelief of what the Disaster Craft had transformed into. I did some research and located all the equipment required for my new hobby which has evolved in the past five years into Innovative Upholstery Solutions. Thank You for considering us for your upholstery needs. Please let me know if I may be of assistance.



Ronald Bonner