Question: Can a rip in the vinyl upholstery be repaired?
Answer: Yes it can be repaired by way of hand stitching which in most cases is a visible repair.
Question: Can the torn thread in my seat be repaired without removing the vinyl covering?
Answer: Yes hand stitching is the only way because in order to sew the repair with the machine the cover will have to be removed.
Question: Can the old design, layout and colors be matched for the reupholstering of my project?
Answer: Yes, absolutely and in most cases the replacement material will exceed the durability of the original application due to better quality products available today.
Question: Is it possible to create a whole new look to dress up my project?
Answer: Yes it is, we would be happy to help you design a new custom look just for you.
Question: Can your company repair the rotted wood framed seats in my pontoon boat?
Answer: Yes we have a complete wood working shop at our disposal capable of basic wood working on up to custom routered teak inlays.


Vinyl Upholstery: We recommend using vinyl upholstery cleaner with mink oil.

Leather Upholstery: We recommend using leather upholstery cleaner with mink oil.

Fabric Upholstery: we recommend light steam cleaning.